I love putting together client albums. I look through your photos and cannot help but smile as I remember the story of your day. Prints on your desk are great but an album will be looked at by your grandchildren. They will comment on your hair, on the tuxes, they may even question your sanity if the dance party got a little wild. You will look at the album, however, and remember how that day launched the rest of your life. What a great way to kick off your future together. Let’s get those memories in print.


A standard length book has 15 double-page spreads. A book of that size will hold 35-40 images, just enough to capture the whole day. If you need more room, both books can be expanded with additional spreads!


The Debossed Book

The Debossed Book is a magazine-style book meaning the pages are sturdy but flexible. It is press printed and features one photo on the cover. There are leather, silk, linen, and buckram cover materials available. Imagewrap covers are also possible. These make great family photo books and parent albums. Books start at $300



The Forever Album

The Forever Album is a bit more traditional than the Debossed Book. It has thicker, rigid pages and dozens of cover options (photos, leathers, two tone, etc). Images are flush-mount and press printed. These books are gorgeous! Books start at $500.